Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nail wheel with design ideas

This is a nail wheel I was fiddling around with one night just trying out different design and colour ideas.

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  1. Thank you very much Donna!

  2. Hi do you mind me asking what brushes etc you use for your nail art? It is really good! xx

  3. Thank you! I have various tools I use but the main ones i use are dotting tools which can be purchased lots of beauty supplies or on the scrapbooking section at michaels, and I have found all dotting tools are the same in quality it's just nice to have different sized to tips.
    The art brushed I use are nothing special or expensive but the sizes I have are- a tiny very thin and short bristled brush that is fairly stiff and has a pointed end, for detailing, and a longer very thin classic 'striping' brush for long thin strokes. I bought both at sally's. I also use the nail art polishes that have a thin brush in them and they are shorter than a striping brush and thicker and stiffer , bit longer than the detailing brush. I can take a pic and do a post on what I use when I get home from vacation.
    Thanks again!


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