Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blue Salon Franken or another fake?

While I was at salon scoping out polishes, I came across some interesting colours that were clearly either salon frankens or fakes. Either way they are pretty colours and other than the smell (which I assume means they are not B3F)  they are nice polishes. They apply well and wear fairly well. I posted another one a week ago or so,  (you can find it here )  and this is one of her sisters.

Again with the "That's Berry Daring" label.

Oh well, I am a suckah for blue, so she is happily living among my unbiased nail polish community.

Do you think it is a fake or a franken?

Thanks for looking.
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  1. might be a franken! At least, it's not an offical OPI! but still, it's pretty!

  2. I'm going with fake, only because I've seen some on eBay with that same label. It's a pretty color nonetheless!


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