Monday, June 27, 2011

Color Club What a Shock! Under OPI Blue Shatter

I have really been feelin' the crack lately.
Umm....errr... you know what I mean.
Crackle and Shatter finishes have been very popular this year so far, and more and more are being released.
Today I have Blue Shatter by OPI. It's a very bright blue with a shimmer, but not as much shimmer as the Silver Shatter which is almost a metallic. One of my favourite colour combinations is blue and lime green, so I went with that today.

This is the finished look.

First I applied two coats of Color Club What a Shock! For whatever reason it applied better today than usual. I did use OPI ridge filler as a base, so perhaps that's why? It still had a little bit of cuticle drag but not bad and I was able to get away with two coats.

Then I applied a coat of Seche Vite because with most crackle/shatter polishes you must apply over DRY nail polish. (with the exception of Silver Shatter which seems to crack better over fairly wet polish)

and this is with the blue shatter on top
So summery and bright.

I topped it all off with a thin coat of  Vivid by Color Club. Most shatter polish dries fairly matte, and in my opinion looks nicer with top coat. Plus it flakes off quite easily with out t/c and the bumpier texture of shatters is smoothed out with t/c as well.

Thanks for looking!
Feel free to leave me a message if you have any requests or questions.


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  1. I really like the colour combination here - very nice for summer!

  2. Feelin' the crack,lol! I love this color combo!

  3. @ LoubouLush, thanks!
    @ Thalie, tee-hee :) Thanks!
    And thank you both for checkin out my blog.

  4. Great combination! I still need to try my bottle of blue shatter--hope I get to it before my brain goes into crack overload status. :)

  5. Thanks Karen. And thanks for checking out my new blog ♥ I am loving crack even more now that it's summer because I have been doing designs with it, and putting funky colours under it. I tend to do more fun things in the summer.

  6. Such a great combination!!! It's so fun and the colors are perfect for summer! :D


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