Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Easter Skittles

Prior to deciding what nail art to do for Easter, I just went with some pastel skittles topped with Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure.
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  1. Can I ask what polishes you used for this look please? Sorry if you have answered and I have missed it, just love the colours :) xx

  2. Hi! I will double check my journal when I get home from vacation and let you know for sure, but I am guessing the yellow is Orly lemonade, the green is Orly gumdrop, the pinky peach one is a Sally Hansen complete salon manicure- I think perhaps I pink I can? The blue I forget at the moment and the purple I am fairly certain is an OPI , maye A grape fit, or do you lilac it?
    I have it all journaled but my laptop is at home.


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