Wednesday, June 29, 2011

80's inspired Nail Art and Feather Hair Extensions

♥Good day all♥
 I was looking for something bright and summery to do on my nails and with all the 80's inspired clothing trends I figured I could continue that on to the nail. My daughter had just come home from shopping with all these great clothes that look like she went shopping in 1984, and to go along with this she got some feather extensions put in her hair. They are really nice actually. Not over the top or obnoxious at all, and they blend quite nicely with her hair, and you simply wash and style your hair as you normally would. You can straighten and curl them too.  They will stay in for up to four months and you can re use them after you take them out.
You can see that she is clearly thrilled about me taking a pic of her hair when it is not clean or styled  lol

Here she has it up in a messy bun and I think it looks cute that way too.

Complete with retro glasses :)

For my nails, I started with a bright yellow base. I used Sally Hansen Insta-dri in Lightning which has always been one of my favourite yellows. Yellows are notoriously difficult to apply and can be streaky and need multiple coats for good coverage. Another recent favourite of mine is China Glaze Happy go Lucky from the Up and Away collection released in Spring 2010. It also has good coverage and is easy to apply. I chose the quick dry today because I wanted to add nail art.

I *cough* creatively placed my watermark over a dent that I clumsily put in my nail as I was reaching for the camera. 

After I let the yellow polish dry a bit, I put a stripe of white polish on a little less than half of my nail as a base for the stripes to make them pop more.

After the white dried a little, I used a thin striper brush and went over the white with a hot pink, a bright orange and a lime green, leaving tiny spaces between the white.

The lime green is quite sheer (as most lime greens are) so I did two coats of that one.

Hope you enjoyed a trip back to the 80's!

What is your favourite 80's movie? There were a ton of good ones. I think mine is Back to the Future.

Thanks for looking!

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