Monday, August 29, 2011

Nina Ultra Pro-Sailor vs Rescue Beauty Lounge-Dead Calm. Dupes?

How many times have you been polish shopping, and found yourself drawn to a certain beautiful or unique shade, only to bring it home and find out you  have 5 others that are the same? Having two or more nail polishes in your stash (especially if it is a large stash)  that are very similar, if not identical is a common occurrence. Sometimes though, one will have a better application, or wear time, or it holds a special place in our hearts. Perhaps it was a gift, or it's a hard to find brand and so we keep both. Sometimes, a company will release a 'new' shade and you think, Hmm that looks a lot like [name your dupe here] Being able to see comparison swatches can be helpful so you don't buy a dupe unnecessarily. It also helps to find colours in your stash that are close enough to a 'new' release that you realize you don't actually need the new one. Even better, money saved that can then be spent on future new releases that don't have dupes, without guilt. Do you like my reasoning? I thought so :)

So today I have a comparison of Nina Ultra Pro in Sailor, vs RBL (Rescue Beauty Lounge) Dead Calm. They are near identical in colour. opaqueness and application. Their biggest difference is in their price with the RBL at $18 and Nina Ultra Pro at around $4 depending on if you have a Sally card or not.
Both are a beautiful deep dark navy blue creme. Love at first sight.

These are both lovely polishes and I would be happy with either one. Another very similar polish is Essence Just Rock it! which is an even better deal at 99 cents, but it is a smaller bottle. 
I will be posting a swatch of that soon and when I do, I will link it here so you can compare.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Lol I do that all the time, it drives me nuts! You think it's a color you don't have but then have about 6 of it. That though, is a beautiful color! I don't have any rescue beauty lounge, but I do love nina ultra pro brand.

  2. I have RBL dead calm and love it-such a beautiful blue!

  3. YES I hate it when I do that! I order/pick out stuff that is always so similar to what I already have. I guess I just know what I like and go for that, right? :)
    I love these colors - it's a very good dupe. I like the Nina polish a bit better; it's just the slightest bit warmer!

  4. I am another that buys dupes all the time. I see a blue I love and I can't resist!

  5. Wow those are incredibly similar! Dead Calm has been on my wishlist for ages, but I may have to pick up the Sailor to temporarily cure my lemming. :D

  6. Loving this color for fall. I'll need to get atbleast one version of this color lol. I probably have one already too :)

  7. It was when I realized that I have particular tendencies with colour, that I was really able to minimize the dupes and expand on different colours and finishes..

    ..and then find new favs. ;]

  8. It looks like I got lucky! I've never bought any RBL due to the price, but I picked up Sailor recently. Love it when the cheaper option works out for the best!


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