Saturday, January 10, 2015

Top 25 Sellers of 2014: Part Two

Yesterday we brought you Part One of our Top 25 Sellers of 2014. Today we finish off the list with our Top 10!

#10 Seriously Sassy ~ a royal purple jelly, with blue to purple colour shifting glitter. Created in collaboration with Sassy Shelly, for her 2 year blog anniversary.
Swatch courtesy of Sassy Shelly

#9 Ho-Ho-Hope ~ a violet/magenta linear holo.
Swatch courtesy of IG @lacquerloon

#8 No Such Thing As A Purple Problem ~ a grape purple jelly micro glitter with silver holo sparks, dark purple, copper and aqua shimmer.
Swatch courtesy of Globe & Nail

#7 Protect Your Girly Bits ~ a purple scattered holographic polish, accented with flashes of red micro glitter.
Swatch courtesy of Schette

#6 Shift Happens ~ a dramatic colour shifing topper in a sheer red-purple base.
Swatch courtesy of Manic Talons

#5 Eggnogoholic ~ a soft winter white with just the right amount of gold glitter.
Swatch courtesy of Chalkboard Nails

#4 D!ck In A Box ~ a deep charcoal gray tightly scattered holo.
Swatch courtesy of Set In Lacquer

#3 Too Hot For Pants ~ a glowy fuchsia-red jelly, loaded with red and fuchsia shimmer and holo micro glitter.
Swatch courtesy of IG @honeybee_nails

#2 Get Weaponized ~ a teal linear holo with purple and magenta iridescent sparkles. Created in collaboration with Nicole from Nail Polish Wars for her Two Year Blogaversary!
Swatch courtesy of Nail Polish Wars

#1 A Stripper Has Been Sleeping In My Bed ~ a clear based holo micro glitterbomb that will knock your socks off, or your stripper boots, which ever you favour. It is dense enough to be worn in 2-3 coats alone, or in one coat layered over your favourite colour. Created in celebration of our 2nd Anniversary (September 2013).
Swatch courtesy of Peachy Polish

Thank you, thank you, thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for your continued love and support. We are looking forward to bringing you many new and exciting shades in 2015!

Did your favourite make the Top 25? Let us know! 
(Even if it didn't, we would still love for you to share what your 
favourite Girly Bits shade is.)

~ The Girly Bits Team

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Top 25 Sellers of 2014: Part One

Happy 2015! We hope you had a wonderful holiday with your family and friends.

Where to begin!? 2014 was another fabulous year at Girly Bits Cosmetics and we have you, our loyal fans and customers to thank for that. We are so blessed to count you among the friends that we have connected with through our mutual love of all things nail polish.

We have once again complied our 25 Top Selling shades for your enjoyment. It is a good mix of Girly Bits classics and new favourites in various finishes and colours.

Please enjoy Part One of our review of the 25 Top Selling shades at Girly Bits Cosmetics for 2014. Since it is such a big list we have broken it down and are bringing you #25 to #11 today. Check back tomorrow for the Top 10!

#25 Frazzle Fixer ~ a healing cuticle oil containing carefully selected oils to nourish and protect cuticles and nail beds. Available in unscented and a variety of fruity and seasonal scents. (Okay so, our Frazzle Fixer is technically not a polish, but you obviously love it!)
Read Cosmetic Sanctuary's review of our Frazzle Fixer.

#24 I Hit My Bunny Phone ~ a multi-chrome stunner which shifts from deep royal purple, to violet, red, gold, and green.
Swatches courtesy of The Lazy Laquerista

#23 Auld Langs Wyne ~ a muted burgundy wine linear holo.
Swatch courtesy of Cosmetic Sanctuary

#22 What The Deuce? ~ a fun kelly green shimmolo.
Swatch courtesy of More Nail Polish

#21 Hocus Pocus ~ a magical holo top coat that can be layered over any colour to give it a holo effect.
Swatches courtesy of Copycat Claws

#20 Our Lips Are Sealed ~ a fluorescent pink shimmolo (pink holographic with violet and silver shimmer, plus silver holo sparks).
Swatch courtesy of Pointless Cafe

#19 Crantini ~ a bright, cranberry coloured holo with pinpoint holo sparkles.
Swatch courtesy of Makeup Withdrawal

#18 Twitterpated ~ a light purple foil/holographic with pink shimmer.
Swatch courtesy of Aglayanails

#17 Cosmic Ocean ~ a blue/green/purple duo-chrome, which is completely stunning and whose true beauty can not be captured by the camera. It looks amazing over dark blues and greens.
Swatch courtesy of Very Emily

#16 Accidental PPV ~ a silver holographic polish, accented with glowy blue shimmer and a subtle turquoise flash.
Swatch courtesy of PJ's and Polish

#15 Man Size Love ~ a deep periwinkle blue shimmolo (blue shimmer, holo sparks accented with turquoise and aqua micro glitter).
Swatch courtesy of Beauty Judy

#14 Bachelor's Button ~ a cornflower/periwinkle blue holo.
Swatch courtesy of Will Paint Nails for Food

#13 What Happens In Vegas...Ends Up On Instagram ~ a bright raspberry-fuchsia scattered holographic polish, with flashes of glowy purple micro glitter, and bright pink micro glitter.
NOTE: WHIVEUOI is no longer available for sale. It was a limited edition, time sensitive release (August 21-31, 2014 only)
Swatch courtesy of Polished and Shined

#12 Darkly Dreaming ~ a dark forest green jelly with copper shimmer. Created in collaboration with Jen of The PolishAholic for her 4th blog anniversary!
Swatch courtesy of The PolishAholic

#11 Mint-al Precision ~ an aqua-mint shimmer, loaded with green and blue shifting flakes. Created in collaboration polish with Polished To Precision for her 1 year blog anniversary.
Swatch courtesy of Polished to Precision

Has your favourite made the list so far? We would love to hear!
Don't forget to check back tomorrow for the Top 10.

~ The Girly Bits Team

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