Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Guest Post with LyLyNails - Nail Whitening Tutorial

Hello everyone!
First of all I'd like to thank Pam for the opportunity to guest post.  My name is Sahyly from LyLyNails on IG. Today I'd like to share a little whitening treatment I've been doing for about 2 yrs already and it has been working wonderfully for me.
It's a soak. I do this once a week after my normal nail care routine. I'm sure you can find these ingredients in your kitchen. You'll need the following:

Mix these in the following order:
1st water
2nd vinegar
3rd baking soda
Lastly the oil and quickly submerge your nails in it. The bubbles will work to whiten your nails. Soak for about 10 mins or less depending on the amount of staining you have. You can also do this soak each time you remove polish if your stains are bad. Once the stains are pretty much gone, to maintain just do it once a week.

Also, one thing I like to do after is scrub my nails with a hand scrub and a nail brush. Please remember like any other treatment this will not work with just one soak. It's a process, takes some time. You just need to be consistent and dedicated.
I hope you try this and please feel free to let me know how it worked for you! Thanks for reading, bye!! Best Blogger Tips
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