Monday, March 5, 2012

Shipping update

Hello everyone. Just an update here re: orders and invoicing etc. I took this past weekend off from polish related business, as I had some family commitments, so I have not invoiced any more orders since Friday. I know that a lot of you are concerned as to whether your orders have been missed, or will not be filled etc. and I completely understand. So I want to update everyone on the process and status of shipping etc.

* Please do not worry that your order will not be filled. If you placed an order, and received a confirmation email and order number, your order will be filled. If for any reason, I get to the end of invoicing and shipping, (I will post when shipping is complete), and your order has been missed, or your invoice was sent to your spam folder, or you weren't home to receive your invoice or whatever, you can then email me, and I can process your order. I will be restocking, so there will be more product.

*If you have a situation where you NEED the order filled before a certain date because it is a gift etc, please email me and I will do my best to accommodate you.

*I am processing hundreds of orders myself, and I am extremely grateful, and thrilled that I have created a product that is well received. Something I have learned along the way is that I get faster and better at it, as I go. I also work a full time job, and have a family, and while I have brought in help to try and get through orders as quickly as possible, there are always hiccups as we learn the most efficient way to do this. This is why I do not collect any money until I can ship that order out. I am not complaining, just sharing the process so you feel informed.

*I have also made a commitment to not let this, or any part of either of my businesses take over my life. I have always taken time to do things I enjoy, and not feel guilty about it. I feel like doing things for me makes me a better mother and wife. Luckily for me, both my business ventures just happen to be in an area that I can also call a hobby. But learning to recognize where the hobby ends and the business begins, is key in keeping the harmony.

*Having said that-I have a vacation planned, with my family. It was a last minute vacation, that was booked after I announced the sale, and not knowing how many orders would come in, it is very difficult to know the time line for shipping. I will be invoicing and shipping until we leave, this Thursday, March 08th (returning March 19th). I apologize if this does not fall with in the schedule you are hoping to receive your order. I have a plan in place for tomorrow and Wednesday, to get out a large number of orders.

*I have had several people email me with concerns that I will be stressing out, trying to get orders out, and worrying about the business. I truly appreciate your concern. I absolutely will continue to take care of myself, and my family, while keeping business important, but not stress inducing. I am an observer, and a learner, in an ever changing world. I appreciate all of your kind words, support, advice, and understanding, as we continue to grow, and improve. I do hope that you will be with me during this process, but I also completely understand if it doesn't fit for you.

*Upon my return from vacation, I will be shipping out any orders that do not get shipped before we leave. I have lots of stock here, so there is no need to worry.

If you have any concerns or questions, please email me and I will do my best to answer them tonight.
I am off to do some more shipping for now.
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