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Vegas, Baby! Oh The Stories I Have For You! {LIMITED LAUNCH TIMES ENCLOSED}

*Read all the way to the end. Lots of exciting new products coming!*
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Thanks to our annual trips to Vegas, this is now probably one of my favourite times of the year! Not only do I get to create gorgeous shades to add to the "What Really Happened In Vegas" Collection, but I get to relive all of the craziness that is Cosmoprof and share my stories with you.
The "What Really Happened In Vegas" Collection started last year with 4 polishes inspired by the memorable things that happened while I was in Vegas for Cosmoprof North America 2014.

It is with great pleasure, (and surprisingly no embarrassment on my part this year) that I share with you the 2015 additions to the collection.

It Was The Fireball

(This story is a long one...I promise they will not all be this long!)

Preparing for, attending and/or displaying at two events that are across the country for most, where we wanted everything to be perfect, can certainly create a lot of stress. It’s difficult to plan an event, or a table scape for showcasing your products in a space you have never seen. You plan for months. You mock-up your display, and change your mind a million times. You double and triple and quadruple check the list of supplies you need and try and anticipate hiccups. You pack the majority of the product and display items and ship them to the hotel ahead of time, and pray they arrive on time and in one piece. You hope you didn’t leave too much to have to take with you on the plane, and you REALLY hope the TSA doesn’t blink at 50 pounds of nail polish in your suitcase.  You scramble around once in Vegas to try and pick up any last minute needs, and then mock up your display in your hotel room ONE more time, just in case. Of course there were items and products that were forgotten at home, or left at your hotel, but you pull yourself together and proudly display your products and are in awe at the beauty of all the other displays and products there.  The gifting suite is seriously buzzing with ooohs and Ahhhs, and hugs and laughter, and LOTS of selfies. The Indie events are by far my favourite part of the entire weekend, even with all the stress. Once the evening winds down everyone relaxes a bit and we kick off our shoes and just chill with each other enjoying the space, the food, the drinks, the new friends, the reunions with old friends,  and the success of the evening. Did I mention that we enjoy the drinks? Someone, who shall remain un-named, happened to have a glittery holo flask of Fireball in her purse. And someone else who shall also remain un-named happened to taste it. Several times. The aforementioned person kept us quite entertained, and we will just blame it on the Fireball.

It Was The Fireball is a true red linear holo.

$13.00 CAD

Blue Ribbon Cankles

Travelling + heat +  less than comfy shoes + being over tired + a drink or two can certainly do a job on the feet as far as water retention goes. Let me tell you, we had some prize winning cankles happening. I am pretty sure there was not one of us who had anything less than an honourable mention. Once those shoes came off, they were NOT going back on willingly.

Blue Ribbon Cankles is a vibrant blue jelly, filled with super sparkly holographic microglitter.

$13.00 CAD

The Shaft

If you have ever stayed at the Luxor in the pyramid, you have most likely ridden the elevator. That is one of the oddest feeling elevators I have ever been on. It goes up and down on the diagonal, since it’s in an actual pyramid shaped building. Elevators can feel weird in the belly to begin with, but add a sideways motion to it and it really sends you for a trip. Several of my friends happened to be in the elevator with a lovely elderly couple, and they had to use everything they had to contain themselves when they overheard the man say to his wife “Can you feel it Margaret? Can you feel it going sideways? The shaft is going sideways.”

The Shaft is a stunning bronzy brown holo with a metallic finish, accented with beautiful bronze flakes. Must be seen!!

$13.00 CAD

Downtown Funk

The second of two off site Indie related events in Vegas brought Indies, Bloggers, and Stockists together to Ooohh and Ahhh over all the gorgeous products displayed beautifully (and creatively!) by various brands. It was held at a slightly off-strip boutique hotel which was beautiful and comfortable, and a handful of brands called it home for the week as well. While I am sure the rooms were *ahem* ‘clean’ some of them did possess a certain questionable aroma, which definitely makes you wonder what kind of debauchery had taken place previously.

Downtown Funk is a rosey pink crelly, filled with gorgeous gold shimmer, holographic microglitter and gold microglitter. Delicate and pretty!!!

$13.00 CAD

Up All Night To Get Lucky

After lounging by the pool at the hotel of Downtown Funk till the wee hours of the morning we needed to get some food in our bellies. Directly across the street from the hotel was an all-night eatery called Mr. Lucky’s, so a few of us (including my trooper of a husband) headed over there for late night nibbles and pancakes. At 4:30 am we decided we had better head back to our rooms since we still had a long day ahead of us.

Up All Night To Get Lucky is a melon coral crelly, packed with gold shimmer, flakes, and  holographic microglitter.

$13.00 CAD
So, what do you think of these beauties? They were previewed at the Cocktails & Colors Media Gifting Suite this year in in Vegas and were VERY well received.

The 2015 additions to the  "What Really Happened In Vegas" Collection will be launching at on Friday, August 28, 2015 at 3:00PM EDT. Please see other important launch information below.

For a limited time, order all five of the 2015 additions and save $1.00 off each bottle. (Limited Time Launch Price $60.00 CAD)

And now, on to this years limited edition of "What Happens In Vegas...". After much consideration, and polling the members of our Facebook group, Snapchat was the clear winner of the name for this years edition.

What Happens In Vegas...Ends Up On Snapchat!

What Really Happens In Vegas...Ends Up On Snapchat! is a is a light silvery lilac linear holographic polish, accented with holographic microglitter.  It’s the third annual polish in the LE Vegas series.

$13.00 CAD
What Happens In Vegas...Ends Up On Snapchat! will be available for pre-order at for a 72 hour period only!

Pre-order time:
Friday, August 28, 2015 3:00PM EDT
Monday, August 31, 2015 3:00 PM EDT 

All orders containing WHIVEUOS will begin shipping Friday, September 4, 2015. Please see other important launch information below.


Stardust is a silvery/smokey blue holo, with pink and blue shimmer, and neon microglitters. It is truly a stunner and looks amazing in both low light and bright sunlight.

It was created in collaboration with Ehmkay Nails for her blog anniversary. "I wanted a holographic polish that wasn't super linear and was dusted with neon microglitters. I wanted the neon to be there but not THERE, hence the microglitter instead of larger glitter. Well, that's what you see! There's green, pink, and blue neon microglitter in a silvery lilac holographic base...I hope you love it as much as I do! It really is my idea of what dust from stars would look like!"

$13.00 CAD
The Blogger Collaborations are some of my favourites in the Girly Bits Cosmetics line. It is always so much fun to see what comes from two creatives putting their minds together!

Stardust will be launching on Friday, August 28, 2015 at 3:00PM EDT. Please see other important launch information below.

And finally, last but certainly not least....
...I am so very excited to announce that Girly Bits Cosmetics will be carrying the Uber Mat by UberChic Beauty. I freakin' love this thing!

Uber Mat by UberChic Beauty

The Uber Mat is brand new to the nail art world and is already turning heads. Take your nail art to the next level by experiencing the Uber Mat for yourself.
Easily test out color combos on your mat
Protect your table from stains and spills
Create easy peasy stamping decals
Reverse stamp like a boss
Super flexible for easy cleanup and storage
$19.99 CAD
Uber Mat will be launching on Friday, August 28, 2015 at 3:00PM EDT. Please see other important launch information below.

~ all items in this newsletter will be available at beginning Friday, August 28, 2015 at 3:00PM EDT
~ WHIVEUOS is a single pour, limited edition polish available for pre-order until Monday, August 31, 2015 at 3:00PM EDT

OTHER IMPORTANT LAUNCH INFORMATION: Due to the anticipation of a high volume of orders, please ensure that you have everything in your cart before checking out. We are unable to combine orders during a new product launch as this leaves too much room for error. Because we are anticipating a large volume of orders to come in during this time, we are prepared with plenty of stock. Please take your time, look around and enjoy your shopping experience!

When you get your hands on these beauties (or I guess I should say, when you get these beauties on your hands), don't forget to share your pictures on the Girly Bits Facebook page and use the hashtag #GirlyBits on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I love seeing your swatches!

Happy Shopping!
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