Sunday, August 21, 2011

Joe Fresh Moss

TGITW (Thank God it's the Weekend)
It was a long and busy week, and I am glad to see the weekend visit. Although I hear it won't be staying long  :/
The trip to Cedar Point with the kids was a success. Good weather, and fair crowds. For the most part we were able to find rides with less than a half hour wait, and several with only a 15 minute wait. The longest one was for Top Thrill Dragster. The total wait time was about 2 hours.  It broke down while we were in line, and we were almost to the front, so we weren't about to leave. Unfortunately it's only a 17 second ride, but what a thrill indeed!!
Here is the official video for it, if you haven't been on one like this, or seen it. It reaches speeds of 120 miles an hour and goes straight up 400+ feet. CRAZY!

I think my favourite coaster was the Maverick and my favourite non coaster ride was the Max-Air.

On to the goodies.
I have lots of Joe Fresh polishes to swatch, so today I bring you Moss.
It is said to  be a dupe for Zoya Shawn. I do not have Shawn, but from the swatches I have seen, it sure looks like a dupe to  me.

As with most other Joe Fresh Polishes I have, the formula was smooth and easy to apply. These pics do not have top coat on them.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Can I get this brand in the USA? Really like this!

  2. Ooooo that's a lovely green! And totally jealous of that coaster ride, we don't have any around here

  3. I don't believe Joe Fresh is available in the US at this time. I do think they have plans for a store to open in NYC, but I am not sure when.

  4. glad you had fun!
    moss looks gorgeous but you knew i would say that! ♥

  5. My version of the ride broke down right when I got to the front too! LOL. Ugh, I hate waiting in line.


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