Friday, July 22, 2011

OPI Miss Universe Collection

Yesterday I went to the beauty supply for some nail wheels and orangewood sticks. I came home with the new OPI collection- Miss Universe. Whoops! =) Funny how that happens. I am very glad it did though- this is a wonderful little collection. It's 4 colors that are very different from each other. Crown Me Already, Congeniality is my Middle Name, Swim suit-Nailed it, and It's My Year. They are all sparkly and blingy in their own way.
Over all they have a great consistency and cover very well. I will say this- they are hard to photograph well, and show their true beauty.

It's My Year 
It's shimmery and sparkly and slightly duo-chrome. The base is a pinky-purple (I refuse to say mauve!) foil, jam packed with tiny little gold shimmers that are not even the slightest bit shy. It is reminiscent of Rally Pretty Pink, but darker, and more violet, and the same type of finish/duo as Lise Watier's Violet D'ore.
 Two easy coats covers well, and dries really fast.

Here you can see the amazing gold/pink shimmer. 

You can see the violet undertones better here.

Swimsuit..Nailed it! 
Gorgeous, deep, dark and bright at the same time. It simply glows. Its depth reminds me of China Glaze frostbite, but it has a larger particle shimmer to it. It applied flawlessly and has perfect coverage. A top coat adds to the depth and it's like staring into a deep blue pool.

Wow, I can't stop staring at my nails =)

I present to you~
 Crown Me Already.
Oh My God.
This is the crown jewel of this collection in my opinion. Gorgeous true silver on your nails. It looks like they are actually metal. Its a clear base believe it or not, so densely packed with different sizes of the sparkliest silver I have ever seen! It's like metal, and ice, and diamonds all rolled up into one mesmerizing polish. Two coats gives full coverage! At times you might want to manipulate some of the larger glitters around if you are ridiculously particular like me, but if not then it's no problem. It goes on smooth, and easy and it dries FAST. It doesn't drag at all, and the second coat doesn't drag the first one off like a lot of other glitters do. (I'm talkin to you MAAH)
You might be able to do one veeerryyy thin coat over a dark colour for a nice effect, but seriously folks this is dense and has great coverage.

I could not even begin to capture her true beauty in these pictures!


This is one coat just to give you an idea of the density.

Congeniality is my Middle Name 
This is a deep raspberry fuchsia that has strong violet tones. It has fuchsia/violet shimmer, that borders on being a glass fleck but not quite. Very pretty. Again good coverage and easy application.

Of this collection I would say Crown me Already and Swimsuit..Nailed it! are both must haves. The are gorgeous and unique with flawless application.
Congeniality is my Middle Name and It's my Year are both pretty and worth having, but if you have to choose, in my opinion they are less likely to cause you regret if you don't get them.

Here is a comparison pic of OPI Let me Entertain You and Congeniality is my Middle Name.
LMEY is on the index and middle fingers, and  CimMN is on the ring and pinky fingers.
LMEY us lighter, pinker and more glass flecked.

Thanks for looking

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  1. I am VERY glad I bought It's My Year! I loooooove it :)

  2. <3 this collection! I want both Congeniality is My Middle Name and Swimsuit...Nailed It after seeing your swatches!

  3. Ooo I didn't know Swimsuit... Nailed It was a so dark! I love the texture of Crown Me Already. Great swatches!

  4. I love swimsuit - nailed it! So pretty! The crown me already is different- I dont usually do glitters but I love love silver!

  5. Crown Me Already and Congeniality is my Middle Name are my fav'!
    I'm your new follower ;D

  6. Thanks everyone. I am quite impressed with Crown Me Already. And Swimsuit..Nailed it! wow, I love it more and more.

  7. Ciao! Complimenti per il tuo blog, mi piace molto e sono diventata tua follower!

    Sarei onorata di averti nei miei iscritti, vieni a visitare il mio blog se ti va!

    Grazie e un abbraccio!


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