Friday, July 8, 2011

Canada Day Nail Art

Well, better late than never right? I was on vacation during the holidays and I didn't have access to the internet to post my Canada Day nail art. So here it is. :) I wanted to do art, and I wanted to use crackle polish since I had it in both red and white. Being a Libra I couldn't decide, so I decided to do both.


I started off with alternating white and red polish.
 I used Sinful for the white and China Glaze Phat Santa for the red.

Then I added a coat of OPI Red Shatter on the pinky, a swipe of OPI White Shatter and dots in Sinful white on the ring finger, and I used China Glaze Phat Santa to make the heart and the borders to look like a Canadian flag on my middle finger, and Sinful White to make the dots on my index finger with a Konad Plate.

I hope you enjoyed this, even though it is a little late.

Thanks for looking.

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  1. There should be big patients to design like that. But your nails are pretty cool.

    nail art

  2. Just found you today!! Yay me! I'm clicking away, reading post after post after post. Love it.

    I have a theory, based on certain observations such as this post, and other clues, that you are a Canuck living in the US.

    Am I right? (That was rhetorical, BTW. You are under no obligation to answer personal questions, of course.) Perhaps it is because that's exactly what I am: "a Canuck living in the US" (and one who is constantly homesick) that causes me to squee when I think I've found a kindred spirit.

    Yes, that's weird. Sorry. :/ And it was my hankering for something to wear on Canada Day (a little late, also) that led me to your Canadian, eh? polish, and then this blog. I have often fantasized that Konad would make a maple leaf design that could be used the way you have your middle finger designed. I could NEVER free-hand a maple leaf. I can't even free-hand a stick person!! Ha! That's not an exaggeration.

    Thanks for such a wonderful blog. I am learning so much.

    1. Hi there! I am a Canuck, living in Canuck-land =)
      Ontario to be exact.
      Yeah I was not so confident in my ability to free hand a maple leaf, so I stuck with the red heart =)
      Glad to have you as a reader!

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