Monday, July 18, 2011

My Lucid Bubble: Giveaway: Raffle for Good

Hello lovely readers! Today I came across the best idea for a giveaway that I have ever seen, and I felt I needed to share with you. Kris at My Lucid Bubble is raising money for an organization that rescues dogs that are used as bait dogs in dog fighting. If you click the link below it will take you to her post with info on where the money is going and how they are going to use it. You pay through PayPal donations so it is totally secure and legit. And the prizes are AMAZING. Any true polish lover would appreciate what she is offering.
For every dollar you donate, you get one entry into the raffle.

The link below will take you to her blog post. Good luck!

My Lucid Bubble: Giveaway: Raffle for Good: "I know a woman, Janice, who does dog rescue work but it's specific in nature. She rescues bait dogs that are used in dog fighting. If you wa..." Best Blogger Tips
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