Tuesday, July 12, 2011

China Glaze Metro Collection- Westside Warrior, Midtown Magic and Concrete Catwalk

I was very excited to see the new fall 2011Metro Collection by China Glaze out at the beauty supply!! I only picked up three, but wow am I impressed! I may go back for more. The formula on all three is exceptional. Smooth and highly pigmented. They are almost one coaters.

*EDIT* I  picked up a few more and you can find that post here

This is Concrete Catwalk. Dark grey. Gorgeous. Smooth. Love.

Concrete Catwalk with Heartbreaker by Pure Ice on top. I love Heartbreaker so much. It just makes everything magical.

Here we have Midtown Magic, and it is just that. Magic. It is a gorgeous deep red-based brown with gold and red micro-shimmer. It is sort of a warmer version of Color Club With Abandon, but it has WAY better application. Below is a comparison.

With Abandon is a cooler more ashy black based colour, and Midtown Magic is warm brown. 

Midtown Magic again, with top coat.

The shimmer is just gorgeous!

Westside Warrior is a khaki green. Slightly yellow based, but not so much that it makes my hands look red.

Perfect colour for a camouflage design mani.

This is in the direct sunlight.

China Glaze Westside Warrior with Tarnished Gold crackle on top, and top coat.

Here I topped Westside Warrior with Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure on the pinky and ring fingers, and Orly Amp'd on the middle and index fingers.

And lastly I tried Fairy Dust by China Glaze over Concrete Catwalk. It was ok, but not my favourite. CC it fabulous all on its own.

This collection gets an A+ from me, although I am not ready to wear fall colours yet. :)

thanks for looking.

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  1. Pretty! I really think I will like this collection a lot!!

  2. I'm loving the creams! I think I'm going to have to add a few of these to my collection.

    I'm also beginning to think I've given creams a bad rap without giving them a fair chance! They are so versatile!

  3. Hello!! Which beauty supply store did you get these from?

  4. There are more colors than this in the collection right? I love how you played them all up with the different tops. I like the green a lot! Midtown Magic looks a little too dark for me to appreciate the effects, but I'll bet it's one of those that looks better in person than photographs.

  5. wow, I am speechless, China Glaze Metro Chic Collection- West side Warrior, Midtown Magic and Concrete Catwalk the whole collection is here, you blog I love is very professional looking, love it, love it. and your nails are gorgoeus and so beautiful, and amazing,. You have a very inspirational blog. Something I would love to have...when I blog.


    George :)

  6. Thanks everyone. Much appreciated.
    Yes creams are so versatile. I have a new love for them myself. They are quickly becoming my favourite finish.
    In answer to questions, yes here are 12 colors in all. I think I may go back and get the rest of them now that I have been wowed by these.
    And I picked them up at Cosmoprof in Canada.
    thanks again

  7. Oh and yes Midtown Magic is Much much prettier in real life. I could not capture the true beauty. It is very dark and vampy, but a gorgeous shade with beautiful shimmer that is not over the top, and a little shy on camera but pops in real life. I will have swatches of more from this collection soon.

  8. I so need to try my pure ice. Love it!

  9. Like I said elsewhere :), Westside Warrior is amazing!! That's my favorite shade of green.

  10. Thanks for the love guys, and thanks to the new follower as well ♥

  11. I need all three of these. WW looks so beautiful with HT on top.

  12. Yes Madeline, you really do need all of them ♥
    Thanks for checking out my blog.


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