Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's a Nail Art Day in the neighbourhood... ♪♪♪

I have been dabbling around with some nail art, so I thought I would post these few while I have them. I kinda love nail art, and it just gets easier with practice. :)

Hope you like it!!
Any questions or requests, just ask :)
I would love some colour combination ideas.

Thanks for looking.
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  1. I love this design! It looks great with purple and silver!

  2. I like those a lot! The dot design's colors are really pretty! And nice job painting your toe nails! I'm usually way too lazy to add nail art on to them xD

  3. orange and blue were my middle school colors! I love this design such a fun and rather easy design but has such a powerful statement!

  4. Thanks everyone. And yes, this design is deceptively easy :)

  5. OK, first I'm wondering how you reach your toes to even put nail art on them. I love the way they mirror each other so it looks like the flower has split in half!

    Next do you have a tut for the nail designs you did? They're awesome!

  6. ProudMary- Thank you so much for the compliments :) ♥
    Well, I am very flexible, being a former gymnast. And if you could see me painting my toes you would spit milk out your nose..haha
    I do not have any tutorials however I have been getting a lot of requests for them, so I think I may start doing some. I just have to figure out how to video tape myself while I have my knees up by my ears..haha

  7. Oh My Goodness, woman! How do you not have thousands of followers? The flower toes are PERFECT! New follower!

  8. Thank you sooo much. Really ♥♥ I don't know? I guess I am not good at promoting? *shrug*

  9. I agree with theanailaholic, how do you not have more followers? --I'm gonna add you on my blog roll! --Ooo I and freakin' love your big toe design :D


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