Sunday, July 10, 2011

Essie Tart Deco

Hope everyone had a great weekend! It is hot hot HOT here, and humid. No complaints though after a late start to summer this year. Going with the orange trend lately, I decided to show you Tart Deco by Essie. It's a beautiful orangey peach shade, with great application. There have been some reports of people having issues with top coat changing the colour of the polish. I personally have not had this issue, but it might depend on which top coat you are using. So what I have done is taken photos of it without top coat, and with top coat on just two fingers, and then also with a different top coat on the other two fingers.

So first up is indoors, with no top coat on any of them.

Now due to my lack of professional lighting,  the ring and pinky fingers appear to be darker even with out topcoat. In reality they are all the same.

This is outdoors (in case you thought I planted petunias inside teehee) with no top coat on any of them. Thanks to Mr, Sun there is more consistency in the colour here.

Here I have Color Club Vivid top coat on the pinky and ring fingers only. There really isn't any difference even though in this pic the index finger appears to be lighter. It real life it was not. The index and middle finger both are with out top coat.
This photo is indoors.

This is outside with top coat on the pinky and ring fingers only.

This one is indoors with top coat on all fingers. Color Club Vivid on pinky and ring, 
and OPI DS top coat on middle and index.
No difference at all.

And just for fun, because I love nail art, I added some little daisies.

Hope this comparison helps.
thanks for looking.

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