Thursday, August 15, 2013

Guest Post Series; with xoxo Jen

 Good afternoon lovelies!!! Can you believe that August is half way over?!!? I am still waiting for summer to start here. It's been a crazy year here at the Girly Bits Headquarters and I just don't know where the time goes, but as they say; time flies when you're having fun!!

Today I am happy to share with you a guest post by Jen, of xoxoJen, showing a gorgeous collection of blue polishes, which is one of my favourite shades by the way. Never too much bloooooooo!

Jen's blog always has a wide array of swatches from many different indie brands, and she also has a LIST on her blog that she regularly updates with links to the zillion different indie shops.

Anyhoo... on with the pretty!! Thank you so much Jen!! xoxo ( see what I did there? hehe)

Hi there! I'm excited to be Pam's guest today and I was honored when she invited me to share some of my swatches! If xoxo, Jen is new to you then you should know that I enjoy both indie and mainstream polishes. Polish is my passion, and everything I do, I do with love which is why I chose my email signature as my blog name! I also love the color purple, lime green and Giant Pandas! Its my dream to some day get to see a Giant Panda in person. Wouldn't that be awesome? Anywho - let's talk polish, shall we? Spring to Winter or day to night, there is one color that I always reach for but in different shades - and that is blue. It goes with just about everything and has a happy calming effect. Zoya Blu is a barely blue pastel, just like a bright springtime sky. My friend Connie introduced me to this color during our recent meetup and I had to have my own bottle. For the following swatches I wore two coats with topcoat. The formula for this polish is pretty amazing for a pastel blue. Most of the time, a blue like this is streaky and globby/thick. Zoya Blu is none of that - perfectly smooth and easy to work with. Sugar Rush!! Just what we get in the midst of summer with all the goodies like ice cream, popcicles, lemonade and a bluer sky! This Sinful Colors polish is also a favorite of mine for this shade of blue. Its fairly easy to apply (not as awesome as the zoya!), not too streaky but I did need that third coat to even it out just right. This would look great with little clouds painted or stamped on, don't ya think? Most Sinful is a very vibrant blue which is not a sky shade but is absolutely stunning! I don't think there is anything in nature this color but its a great summer polish and would work nicely for fall as well! Most Sinful from the Sinful Shine collection is nothing short of an amazing polish. It glides on all by itself! Minimal clean up and its opaque in one coat, although I'm a little bit of a sperg and did two coats. It doesn't have to be top coated because it shines like crazy, but again - I am a creature of habit so I used a top coat! What would a day full of polish be without the night? One of my favorite dark vampy blues is Illamasqua Phallic. Its a one coater, but I used two. Its a top coat eater which I didn't realize until after I shot the photos and the polish had cured a little longer. Phallic really has depth to it and the tiny shimmers are so pretty, like little stars twinkling. Its got the "glowy middle/dark edge" thing going on too, which I love! If you enjoyed this entry please come and visit me over at Best Blogger Tips
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  1. Gorgeous blue colors! That's my favorite color too! :)

    1. Aren't they though? Which is your favorite shade from these four? So hard to choose!

    2. I am torn between Most Sinful and Phallic.

  2. Blue is definitely one of my favorite polish colors! Love your choices here.

  3. I love blue, green, and purple too!
    I want those Sinful Colors ones now lol


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