Monday, October 31, 2011

Local launch of Girly Bits at Shoppers Drug Mart

Sometimes things just fall into place. Actually, often times they do. Having just released the first collection of Girly Bits a few weeks ago, I was thrilled to be invited by the local Shoppers Drug Mart to show the collection during the 'Look Good Feel Better' Gala SDM was hosting here in Kingsville Ontario.
The collection was well received on line, and I sold out of all the bottles I had pre-poured, and had to put a hold on shipping the new pours out so I would have some to take with me to the Gala. So, off I went to shoppers with my display, and promotional material and my polishes, simply thankful for the opportunity to display them, let alone sell them.
If you are not familiar with the Look Good Feel Better galas, they are designed to raise money for breast cancer awareness, and the idea of Look Good, Feel Better is, that if women with breast cancer can be helped to look good, they will feel better, and therefore brighten their spirits both mentally and physically and in turn be better armed to face the disease and fight it. Shoppers brings in makeup artists and skin care specialists and hair stylists offering makeovers and consultations by appointment. There are giveaways, and raffles and a percentage of certain sales goes to Breast Cancer research. I was honored to be invited to take part.

Here is what my display looked like. 
A HUGE thank you goes out to Angela Labate at Thumbnails and Polish for designing my logo for me. I love it, and I couldn't have done it with out you!! ♥

I had a complete set of testers out for people to try, along with cotton and remover, and also a few bottles and swatches from the next collection. My daughter was also there helping me, and she was offering free nail art stamping.

I pre-packed a few bags with the entire collection in it, at a discount. Isn't the sticker that Angela designed for me, just the cutest?

This is my daughter Mackenzie, who was there to assist me, and offer free nail stamping.

Soon my oldest daughter Jen showed up to see how things were going, and they both proudly showed off the swatch sticks. 

And here I am.

Some of the girls doing makeup, and Justin Bieber sporting a pink wig and serving up refreshments, in support of the cause. 
He was really quiet that day.

A huge thank you to Jen, the cosmetics department manager, for inviting me!!

The view from my side of the table.

All packed up and ready to go home, at the end of a successful launch of Girly Bits.
I was very pleased with the response, and I enjoyed talking with everyone that day. I have a bag full of ballots for a draw to win the next collection, and people seemed genuinely interested in my little local business. I am pleased to be able to offer hand made items, that are created out of a true love of color and texture, and because of you, it is all worth while.

Till next time-Happy polishing and don't forget to moisturize!!

Thanks for looking!!

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  1. Yeah!!! Love the pictures! Can't wait to pick up my collection! So happy for you!

  2. I'm so happy for you! You all look like sisters though. Can't believe you're old enough to be their mom!

  3. Thanks ladies!!

    Kay- thanks for saying that. I was 2 years old when I had my first born.. HAHA :)

  4. congradulations pretty lady!! i have to tell you i LOVE LOVE LOVE ur hair color!! thanks for sharing the pictures with us! i cant wait to see what the future has in store for u :)

  5. Fantastic! I am so proud (and Jealous) of you for going for your dream!

    <3 Shannon

  6. @Maria
    Thank you Maria! I am pretty excited about sharing what the future has in store for me, with you girls!!

  7. @Kracked Kat

    Thank you Shannon. ♥ You are right on board with me :)

  8. looks like it was a great first event! To many more!!!!

  9. Ohmigosh that's amazing, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm glad it -- and you!! -- were such a success.

  10. Congratulations! And I have to say you have the Most georgeous hair!!

  11. Congratulations!!
    Your hair is sooo beautiful I love the colour :D

  12. hi pam! nice to see your lovely face :D i love your hair!
    congrats on the launch, looks like you had fun!

  13. Amazing.. and congratulations!

  14. What a great cause! You and your daughters are beautiful, and it looks like it would have been a wonderful event to attend. ^_^

    I laughed pretty hard at the "stoic" pink haired Bieber. ;)

  15. Congratulations! Oh and might I say I LOVE your hair color!

  16. Wow Pam-that is really awesome! I am so happy for you!! It looks like people are really liking your concoctions!! I can't wait to get mine and look forward to more in the future!

  17. Way to go! All of us Nailistas are behind you! xoxo

  18. Thank you so much everyone. I really appreciate all the support. You guys really make me smile :D

  19. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay you well done :0) xxxJoolsxxx

  20. Hah! I live in a city called Kingsville as well!

    Congrats on the line!

  21. @PolishGalore

    Yes! In Texas? That is actually our Sister City! Did you know that? We had a jump rope team about 10 years ago that visited the jump rope team from Kingsville Texas.

  22. How awesome for you! How exciting! I drooled as I spotted that lucious juicy orange in the photos...ah, my heart's desire!!

  23. @Pam's Girly Bits

    Yep! That's me! I had no idea we were sister cities, although it makes sense! Been here for 20 of my 27 years. :]

  24. Wow! That is cool and neat that you took part in the event and that it was successful. Good luck and look forward to seeing more of your creations!

  25. Glad to see everything went well! That's a smart move too-- offering nail art and swatches and everything!

  26. Pam, Just wanted to let you know yours is one of my favorite blogs. That's why I'm awarding you the Liebster Blog Award. Please check out my blog for details:

  27. Hello!
    I am always super happy every time i see new brands being launched with so much love for the polish world!

    I'm very happy for you!
    I'm following to hear the updates!

    Cheers from Portugal


  28. Congrats! What a great opportunity. Your hair looks gorgeous too!

  29. Congratulations!!! Shoppers is a huge deal!

  30. Congrats!! That is such an amazing opportunity! I just found your blog from another one and your polishes look gorgeous! And LOL whenever I go into Shoppers that Justin Bieber cutout always freaks me out!

  31. You're nail polish colors are sooo gorgeous. As soon as I get a little cash I am going to get the whole collection. I am also dying to see the new collection. I saw one of em.. Looked like Clairns 230

  32. @PinkPop
    Thank you. I hope to have the next collection ready to go soon. I am, just waiting on arrival of some more supplies.


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