Monday, October 24, 2011

Kleancolor Golden Nightmare plus layering ideas

Well it's Monday again. When did Monday's start coming so quickly? I think Monday and Friday need to have a talk, and help each other out. Friday is always late, and Monday is always early.

We spent the weekend in Niagara Falls. It's an annual trip we take in memory of an Aunt of a friend of mine. Eight years ago Vicky wanted to go to Vegas, but she was unable to, due to her poor health. So she and a group of her friends and family went to Niagara Falls instead. Vicky passed away that following year, and now every year her friends and family go back to the Falls, for a memorial weekend dubbed Falls-a-Booza. They have picked up new Falls-a-Booza members along the way (us included- this is our 4th year), and occasionally we pick up a random person in the Falls who joins us on our Pub Crawl that year. We hit the Casino on Friday night, and play the Blazing 777's (Vicky's favourite) and on Saturday we start the pub crawl some time after noon, and have one (ok sometimes 2) drinks at each bar on our circuit, usually ending up at the Spicy Olive, and having shawarmas on the walk stumble back to our hotel room.  It's always a good time, with great people, and I think it's fantastic that they honour Vicky in this way. Cheers!

On to today's post- Since I have been on a green kick, I thought I would show you another recent green acquisition. Kleancolor Golden nightmare. It's a dark blackened green base with goulishly green/golden glitters in it, and perfect for this time of year.

 Kleancolor Golden Nightmare

Kleancolor Golden Nightmare

Of course I had to try layering something over it because, well why not?
This is Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure over Golden Nightmare.
If you happened to miss out of the limited edition Hidden Treasure, Nubar 2010 is a dupe for it.
 HT is a must have in my collection, as it prettifies just about anything.

Pretty awesome right? It adds to the whole Fall feel with the orange and green flakies. ♥

Kleancolor Golden Nightmare layered with Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure on top.

This is another layering combo idea- Kleancolour chunky holo clover (which is neither chunky nor holo, but whatever)  over Golden nightmare. Again with some green and orange, but glitter this time rather than flakies. This is out side in the full sun, and that really brings out all the colours.

Kleancolour Golden Nightmare layered with Chunky Holo Clover on top

 Kleancolour Golden Nightmare layered with Chunky Holo Clover on top

Kleancolour Golden Nightmare layered with Chunky Holo Clover on top

Kleancolour Golden Nightmare layered with Chunky Holo Clover on top

Kleancolour Golden Nightmare layered with Chunky Holo Clover on top. Indoors.

Thanks for looking!
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  1. I loved your layering combinations! And Golden Nightmare...*Gasp*...SO BEAUTIFUL! Love these kind of greens.

  2. Nice pics.
    I agree the name is kinda off..LOL, I think the name "Chunky Holo" refers to the pieces of holo glitter used. Chunky=bigger. :)

  3. Great combinations!

    Love hearing about Falls-a-Booza--what a fun tribute to your friend's auntie.

  4. What a great way to remember someone! The polish is great and so are the layering ideas! I love to layer!

  5. YUM Schwarma!!!!! Love these colors together!

  6. Ooh thanks for the heads up about Nubar 2010 off to add that to the Christmas wishlist :0) I am sure Vicky is with you all in spirit(s) LOL :0) xxxJoolsxxx

  7. I'm really liking those layering combos!

  8. Those are some pretty swatches! I just blogged about I.C.E Golden Nightmare too! I really liked it! A bit gritty but very pretty! Love this post girl!

  9. Thank you so much Pam for coming along last weekend (and for the past 4 years!!!) Had a great time as always! And thank you so much for you tribute to Aunt Vicky. Love the always!

  10. I really disliked Golden Nightmare on me, but it is so stunning on you! Now I wish I'd thought of these gorgeous layering combos (esp. with HT) before getting rid of it, lol!

  11. I like these layerings but I *loved* your collection.It must feel good to do something you love, right??
    Oh and do come and visit me, I am just too lazy to write a mail;-)


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