Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pumpkin by Icing, and black shatter

A few days ago I showed you an amazing orange glitter with superfantastical bling-o-rama going on here.
This is the same colour, with OPI Black Shatter on top. I was going for something sort of Halloween-ish with the black and orange, and I guess it's ok, but it's a shame to cover up the amazing glitter. I dabbed the shatter polish on and swiped it back and forth across the nail instead of the typical swiping motion used to apply polish. This causes the polish to shatter in a more random pattern. You can apply shatter in all different ways to achieve a different look. No matter how you do it, you  just have to be fast, and try not to go over the same spot twice.

Here is a pic of it before I applied the top coat. It makes it look a little charred, which I guess is appropriate for Halloween.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. I like the combination - it's definitely Hallowe'eny to me. And that orange glitter is gorgeous, but the black shatter looks good on it with a top coat.

  2. wow, i love this Pam, it looks like molten lava thats starting to solidify ! Jealous .... xxx

  3. Clever! It screams Halloween! The black reminds me of spider webs.

  4. SO awesome! Great for Halloween!

  5. Awesome! Thanks for the great ideas:)

  6. This look is perfect for Halloween without being too sparkly or over the top! I will definitely be trying it out soon. :)


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