Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Covered in Flowers nail art

I have returned from vacation rested, relaxed and buried in laundry. That first day post-vacation is such a killer right? I always said I need a vacation after being on vacation. We spent a week with family and friends at our favourite spot, the gem of Lake Erie- Pelee Island.

Today's post is some nail art that I did right before I left and did not get a chance to post. The base is a fantastic purple by OPI- Pamplona Purple. As usual with purples, it is difficult to capture the colour accurately. Purples usually show their bluer side for the camera.

So here is the finished look-

This is a deceiving nail art. It is actually quite simple to do, but always looks impressive.

I started with a base of OPI Pamplona Purple. This picture is probably the most colour accurate one. The actual colour is a little deeper.
I would say it's more like this, but a little more red perhaps?

After the base was thoroughly dry, I used a small detailing brush and added flowers in a complimentary colour. Again purples don't photograph accurately, but I believe this was  Zoya Malia.
I started off by placing the largest flower first. I didn't put in anywhere in particular, just randomly on each nail.  I loaded the brush with a fair bit of polish, and placed each petal in a rough circle. They do not have to be symmetrical or even. In fact, in my opinion the more uneven they are the more interesting it looks. The centers do not have to be neat either because you can make that look neat when you add the dot in the middle. I did a mixture of sizes for the largest flower, with some having 6 petals, and some 7. Whatever fits really. For the most part I tried to not let each petal touch the next one but if a few do, no big deal.
 After the petals for the largest one are done, I start with the flower right beside it. I usually try to place them so that the two petals of the first  flower straddle a petal from the second flower. I continued filling in the majority of the rest of the nail with flowers of different sizes, and part flowers at the edges of the nail.
After all the petals were done, I did the centers of the flowers with a coordinating lighter pinkish purple. Again, I forget exactly ( this was before the brain cell defeating vacation). And to finish it off I placed a few very tiny white dots in the centers of the largest flowers, just for accent. Totally not necessary.
After it was all thoroughly dry I topped it all with my favourite quick dry top coat, Seche Vite.

I hope you enjoy this look, and do let me know if you try it out.
I have had many requests to tutorials, so I will try to take pictures of the steps so I can at the very least do picture tutorials for now. I hope to do some video tutorials as well.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. So cute! Love the colors you picked :)

  2. Love these! Glad you had a nice vacation! Laundry is always the worst part of going on vacation! lol good luck getting caught up

  3. I love the colors! And the flowers are so cute!

  4. This is so pretty! I really love how it came out....I need to get more creative!

  5. Thanks everyone! This was fun to do. I think I will do some more like this, with different colours. I did do something like this while I was away but the pics are on my iPhone. I'll see how the quality is when I upload it.

  6. Beautiful! I love step by step tutorials! Great job!

  7. Thank you for the step by step-this is the kind of stuff I need to learn how to do it myself. Really cool look.

  8. Love it!!!!! How do you keep you cuticles so neat? No matter how much I moisturize they are always cracking:(

  9. Thanks Tabitha. I have to admit it wasn't that long ago that I had cracked ragged cuticles as well. I started moisturizing heavily at night right before bed and I think that helped a lot. I keep some heavy duty creams and cuticle creams in my night stand and I slather in on right before I turn out the light. At the moment I am using Gold Bond Ultimate with Aloe ( here is a link--> http://www.goldbondultimate.com/healing-lotion.html ) and I mix that with a little of Lucas's PawPaw ointment, which is derived from Papaya's I believe and has some healing properties similar to polysporin and neosporin. I think PawPaw might only be available in Australia though.
    I have also used polysporin directly on my cuticles when they were really bad and looking sort of inflamed. In all honesty it's finding the right cream for you because not everything works for everyone. I also push my cuticles back very gently after a shower.
    I hope this helps some. Thank you so much for the compliment.

  10. Thanks so much! Mine are inflamed and I have been putting on Neosporin at night. I will try the Gold Bond.

    Also, I look at a lot of nail blogs and I stumbled upon yours. I think it it the most well done! BTW love the feathers in your daughters hair. I'm a hair dresser and they are HUGE right now...

    Thanks so much for the info!!!

  11. Thank you very much! That really means a lot. ♥
    Yes I am a hairdresser as well and I have been doing a lot of feathers lately. I would like to find some larger ones though. I haven't looked on line yet.

  12. those flowers are gorgeous! Love the colour combination :)

  13. Variety of nail art stickers are found in the market in the form of flowers, stars and many other shapes. French manicure is also kind of a nail art in which only your nail tip is painted white and a clear nail protector is applied on your nails to prevent the nail color from withering off.


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