Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rainbow Yin and Yang Nail art

Do you ever have have a great idea for some nail art late at night, and you hope you can remember it in the morning? That's what happened to me with this design. And it didn't turn out exactly how I imagined it, but that's the fun of free hand nail art- you just go with the flow and make it work. I wouldn't classify this as a total fail or anything, I just don't LOVE it.
Anywhoo.. On with the products and a little how-to.

Here is the finished product

These are the products I used
Sally Hansen White On, Wet n Wild Black Creme, Icing Purple Passion, 
Massini Orange Hot, Hard Candy Frenzy

China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Joe Fresh Cobalt, Icing Lime Martini
 Sally Hanson Hidden Treasure, and Seche Vite are added later and are not in the design photo above. I had meant to put Hidden Treasure over the white before I did the black and the dots. But apparently the brain cells that help me do things in order are on vacation with my creative ones. Oh well. I improvised.
These are the dotting tools I used for this design, with my index finger for size reference.

First I applied two coats of Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear White On. I am often asked what my favourite white is. Whites are notoriously difficult to apply with out streaks. I have two the I can usually depend on, one being this one and the other is Sinful Snow Me White. I have also used OPI Alpine Snow with success in the past. One thing I always do when applying white, is do a thick coat in as few strokes as possible. I have also found using a base coat that is somewhat matte, gives you better adhesion and less drag.
*this is where I meant to apply Hidden Treasure*

I wanted to make a nice crisp line with the black polish, so I first drew a diagonal line with a black striping polish by Colour Club across each nail, then filled in half with Wet n Wild Black creme. Which by the way is THE best black cream Ever! It's a one coater, shiny, wears well and it's cheap. WIN

As it turned out, with the way I applied the dots and such later, I didn't need to make a really neat line with the black, so you don't necessarily need to do that step, and you and just go ahead an swipe the Wet n Wild black polish across your nail.

Then using my largest dotting tool, I applied three black dots directly where the black meets the white. I did three dots, but you can do whatever fits, and adjust the size of your dots to the size of your nail. You want to leave enough space in between the black dots to add white dots of the same size, to give the Yin and Yang effect.

Here I have added white dots of the same size  in between the black dots, and you can see the Yin and yang shape starting to come together. I went back in with a smaller dotting tool and some more black and neatened up some of the black dots that were crowded by the white dots. next time I would do the dots a little smaller.

Here I have used a medium size dotting tool and added white dots on top of the black dots, being careful to center them on the black dot so I left a little edge of black.

Then I added the coloured polishes listed above on the small white dots (that were placed over the black dots) as well as the larger white dots that were placed in between the original black dots. I mixed the yellow and lime green together because the yellow was too sheer. And I chose my colours in order of the rainbow with is ROYGBV. (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet)  Even though the colours are not exactly the rainbow colours, I usually find that if I used the ROYGBV format and whatever polishes fit the best in those categories, then the colours seem to flow the best. I often substitute pink for the Red in the spectrum, and Purple for the Violet.

Because I can't leave a manicure alone, I added Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. My original intention of applying it over the white only, would have been better I think.

And there you  have it. 
Thanks for looking!

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  1. Thanks guys. I have this weird thing about posting art that I am less than happy with, so your comments make me feel good :)

  2. I just figured out my dot problem- what I thought was a dotting tool isn't! Thanks for showing the pic of it- now I know better! Plus this mani is beyond awesome! I'm gonna try this.

  3. Very cool! Thanks for showing us the steps because I was wondering how you did it LOL

  4. Wow, that's so cute! you're awfully creative :)


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