Thursday, September 8, 2011

Showdown! The battle of the greens.

The fall collections this year are full of beautiful colours, and army green seems to be a trend among a lot of different brands. The first two I picked up were from China Glaze-Westside Warrior, and OPI- Uh Oh Roll down the Window. I have often heard the question asking how these two compare to each other. So today, I have compared them for you, along with two other greens from my collection.
The four we will be comparing today are-
OPI Uh Oh Roll down the window
China Glaze Westside Warrior
Orly Enchanted Forest
Joe Fresh Moss ( this is a dupe for Zoya Shawn)

On with the show!
First up is the comparison most requested. This is OPI and China Glaze.
From left to right I have China Glaze WsW on my index and ring fingers, and OPI UORDTW on my middle and pinky fingers.
While they both have smooth application with no streaking or drag, Westside is noticeably more opaque and perhaps a little thicker. It's actually a one coater, where as Uh Oh definitely requires two, or even three coats.
Westside is darker, and a little less murky and less yellow. 
I can't say that I necessarily prefer one colour over the other, and I would say they are different enough to own both.

Here are the same polishes, just another view.
Please ignore the little cotton fuzz that was hitchin' a ride.

Here we have Westside on the index and ring fingers still, and ORLY Enchanted Forest on the middle and pinky fingers.
The Orly is darker and pulls more blue than Westside Warrior. Definitely a two coater. The first coat looks a little streaky but it evens out easily with the second coat.

Same polish placement again, different angle.

This one is Joe Fresh Moss on the index and ring fingers, and OPI Uh Oh on the middle and pinky fingers. Moss is a deeper darker colour, with yellow undertones like Uh Oh, but dark like Enchanted Forest. Moss has great application, very smooth, very pigmented. Not at opaque as the China Glaze, but with careful application you could get away with one coat.

The following three photos are all four polishes side by side.
Index Finger-OPI UhOh roll down the window
Middle Finger-China Glaze Westside Warrior
Ring Finger-Orly Enchanted Forest
Pinky Joe Fresh Moss

I hope this helps you out some, and doesn't confuse you further.
They are all gorgeous polishes, and any of them will have you right on trend for fall.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Thanks for this; very helpful!

  2. Really good post. :) I love this shade of polishes.

  3. Thanks for a great post! I definitely want to pick up West Side Warrior, and I'll definitely be skipping the OPI (for the sake of the name if nothing else - ugh). I like the Orly a lot too - the hint of blue is very pretty.

  4. They are all beautiful and I want them all lol i think I'm
    So ready for fall, great post I need to purchase at least one of these.

  5. Your nails are so pretty. I love the shine of the nail polish.
    New follower. Hope you follow back. XX

  6. Oooh really like all these autumn-esque greens x


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