Saturday, September 3, 2011

Nail art- Blue and white scalloped lace + a tutorial

Welcome Back!
I hope you had the chance to check out my guest post at Polish Fixation yesterday!

Sometimes when I sit down to do some nail art I have a vision. Some times I just start painting and hope for the best. Both of these methods have produced some mani's that I am proud of, and some that I am afraid to show my dog. This time I am liking it. Perhaps because the base is a lovely cheery vibrant blue, and perhaps because I just let my creative side lead the way. And my dog approves :)

This started off with Orly Snowcone. It is an amazing, smooth highly pigmented blue that is sure to cheer up the most dreary of days. It just makes me feel great!

And here is the finished look.
 If you scroll down there is a picture tutorial on how to achieve this look. And it's easier than you think. 
(just don't tell my dog because he think's I am the bee's knees)

After applying Snowcone, and waiting a few minutes for it to dry,
 I applied a diagonal swipe of Sinful Snow me White.

After the white, I used my largest dotting tool to apply dots in Snowcone right along the line where the white and blue meet, so it creates a scalloped effect. You can see the texture of the blue dots a little, but after you seal it all with top coat, it smooths out and you can't tell at all.
I also used a very thin striping brush and applied a thin line of snowcone right next to ( but not touching)  the blue dots I just did.

Next I applied a thin silver stripe next to the blue one. For this I used Claire's Two Way nail art pen. It has a striper brush when you unscrew the cap, and if you pull off the very tip of the cap instead, its a fine tip tool that created a dot with a little squeeze of the tube. 2 in 1. Pretty cool right?

Next I placed a row of dots using a smaller dotting tool and snowcone.

And finally I used the larger dotting tool again, but with less paint loaded on it and placed medium sized silver dots directly in top of the original blue ones so that some blue still shows around the curved edge. For this I used the silver from the Claire's nail art pen. I simply dabbed a little onto my palette that I use for nail art, and dipped my dotting tool in it.

Seal with your favourite top coat, and you're all done!
I used Seche Vite. It's my favourite because it's very fast drying and very shiny.

How do you like my superawesomemultibottleholding skills? 

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Such a creative way to do the scalloped line! Very cute. :)

  2. Next time, can you show the actual dotting tool, how you load it, and actually touching it to your nail? I am obviously stupid and just can't figure this out! I love your stuff and really want to try it, but am a huge fail!

  3. So beautiful!! I've seen your gest post and I really like it too.

  4. Sure! No problem. Thank you for the love.

  5. Gah I love that blue, these look great :D

  6. I like the scallop lines.. hehe that's a good trick.. I'll do that! :)


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