Friday, September 16, 2011

Joe Fresh Twilight Flakies!!

I have a deep love for Joe Fresh polishes. 1)because they are great, both colour and formula, 2)because they are Canadian Made, and 3)because they are really affordable. How can you go wrong?
This is one of their most unique. Twilight. It is a black jelly with multi coloured flakies in it. The flakies are similar to the ones in Hidden Treasure. This one needs 3 coats to get to full opacity, because it is a jelly. I have tried it over a layer of black, but I found I didn't get anywhere near the sincere awesomeness that shows through when you use three coats alone.

This one has become harder to find, but if you find it, get it! She is a beaut!

Here is is again, with  matte topcoat on it.
I am really loving matte flakies!

And just because I had this one kickin around since summer, I thought I would share it too.

What do you think of Twilight? I love flakies myself :)
Any other Twilight book/movie fans here? I happen to love the books, and I am looking forward to the movie. Should be interesting if it's done properly

Thanks for looking!

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  1. I'm not a fan of twilight, but am the proud owner of 10 Joe Fresh polishes I got from a blog buddy! Literally just opened the box and can't wait to try them!

  2. I love all of the flakies in it! I need to try that Joe Fresh brand.

  3. Looove the Joe line! I have Twighlight and it is spectacular!!

  4. I LOVE this shade and wish I could get my hands on it!

  5. @Fingers
    Wow! Lucky you! Which did you get? I have a lot of them and I love them all

  6. Yes!!! I am a Twilight Fan......have read the books more than once.....sad huh? I love the flakies. Where can I find them????? Thanks! Love the Slat of Affairs as well.

  7. @Tabitha I am considering reading them again. I liked them, and they are a nice easy read. Great for relaxing. Joe Fresh brand is Canadian. They are sold in Zehrs and Superstores. I think perhaps there is a store opening in NYC? but I am not 100% sure of that. You cam try a blog sale, or a swap.

  8. Wow that's so cool! They look really deep don't they? Love this new uptake on the traditional black

  9. @elisabianchini Yes is really adds some zing to the black. I love it!

  10. yay another Canadian girl! I always see the polish-aholic ladies with nice joe fresh but whenever I go in they always have very basic colours and am disappointed with the selection. There is a Loblaws down the street from me that changed their florist section into a Joe Fresh. I'm hoping because it's new that they just haven't got a good selection yet.

  11. @Visual-addiction

    OOOh Lucky!! An entire section? awesome! Yes a lot of the places I go to have limited selection as well, but I grab all the pretties I can. I have an entire army of JF.


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