Friday, December 2, 2011

Lynnderella Mysterious Ways over Revlon Midnight Haze

Mysterious ways has so many different faces, it was hard to capture them all. This is one of those polishes that, the longer I wore it, the more I loved it. Mysterious Ways is a light smokey grey base, that leans lavender, with multiple sizes and shapes of glitter in it, in holo, silver, black, white, and grey, and some little holo pixie dust. It is actually quite amazing, and was a surprise love of mine.

Here I have two coats of Mysterious Ways over Revlon Midnight Haze.

And here is Midnight Haze on it's own. It is a metallic gunmetal grey. It applies well, with a few brushstrokes, but nothing out of the usual for this type of polish. It reminds me of hematite, but not as shiny.

Thanks for looking
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  1. Very nice combination! And now I'm wondering why I didn't get Midnight Haze--surely I've got something close to it, I must. :)

  2. I like that grey on its own. So pretty!


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