Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lynnderella- I Can Afford It! Over ORLY Lucky Duck

Gosh I love a good green, and today I have two of them to share with you. Lynnderella- I can afford it! And ORLY Lucky Duck- which is actually more of a teal.
Lucky Duck is a gorgeous teal cream, with great application and nearly a one coater. It dries with a satin finish, but it actually looks great that way.

Then I topped that with Lynnderella I Can Afford It! which is a bright green jelly base, with a few different sizes and shapes of green glitter, and a random purple glitter in there as well. It's very sparkly, and gorgeous!

Ooooh I love close ups of Lynnderellas~ Look! there is even a copper glitter in there. Love it.

This is one from this collection that I would say is a must have, especially if you love greens.

Lynnderellas will be available very soon at Llarowe.
Llarowe also carries a wide variety of highly sought after polishes from all over the world, and she ships internationally. So now all those polishes you could never get, can now be in your hands. 
Leah Ann Larowe has amazing customer service as well, and I highly recommend checking out her site.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Pretty green but with the glitter looks amazing.

  2. I am THRILLED that she will be carrying them! But I worry as to the cost when they get to her. I have no idea the costs of running her small business, so I dont begrudge her the mark-up at all, but the HITS polishes are 4 something if you buy them directly from thier website, and 10.00 on hers. I really wanted to order some, but I think I will try to manoeuvre the company website as for half the price i can buy 4 times as many!!! (no need to try to understand my math. it makes sense to me!). Being in Canada I anyways will have to pay for international shipping!

  3. @Polish Jinx
    Yes, this is absolutely true. I * think I heard that Lynnderellas will be $14 in Llarowe? One benefit is, there is no minimum order ( If you order direct from Lynn there is a 5 bottle minimum) and Lynn doesn't ship internationally.
    I imagine the shipping costs to Llarowe from Brazil are part of what drives the price up?
    And I TOTALLY get your math, and I like it :)

  4. I love this Lynnderella. In my eyes, you just can't go wrong with green glitter. Love it!

  5. I passed on to you the Versatile Blogger Award. See details on my blog at the link below.


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