Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Girly Bits- Rogue

As a polish creator, I love all colours, and textures. As a polish wearer, I have my favourites, but there is little I won't wear. Reds are probably the colour I wear the least, and nudes. One of the nice things about being in close contact with a lot of  polish lovers, is being able to take requests for colours, and it is very rewarding when I have the opportunity to be able to fulfill someones request.
So, today I bring you Rogue. I was asked by a friend- Red Rogue ( who also happens to be Canadian),  to create a red jelly with holo glitter. In the process of working the colour, I wandered away from the original idea, but loved what I was getting. I called it Rogue, in honour of Red, and also because it had wandered away from the original intent.  When I was done, I showed  Red, and she loved it. So here she is. A red jelly, with pink and violet glitter, and red micro bar glitter.

If you could have a polish made just for you, what would it be?

Thanks for looking!
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  1. Pam, this is so gorgeous!! Every time I see it, I fall even more in love with it. I’ve never had anyone create something with me in mind. I adore it, and the meaning behind it as well. Can’t wait to wear this on my nails!!

    Thank you SO much – I am so unbelievably touched and honoured.

  2. You are most welcome. :) Thank YOU for the inspiration ♥

  3. This will be mine!!!! I love this one so so so much! You are really growing as a polish maker.

    <3 Shannon

  4. Oh man the bar glitter makes it. Just a touch, love it. Your nails always look great.

    I really have NO idea what my perfect single polish would be...wow. Probably a jelly base with glitter, but not all throughout, and different sizes and shapes of glitter. Maybe a rusty fall orange with bronze and light green glitter?

  5. This is stunning and I so cannot stand red! I don't like bar glitter either. But man, oh, man..this is lovely Pam! If I could have a polish made just for me it would definitely be a black jelly base with varying sizes of white and pink glitter. Sounds impossible, but I can't get enough of those colors together!

    Orrr something like Lynnderella's CtD with a pink jelly base so the white and black glitters show through..gahhh!! that would be ah-mazing!! =)

  6. Something dark and vampy a creme to end all cremes.

  7. This is really a pretty polish. Mine would be a pink creme with pink and purple glitter ;0).

  8. Beautiful, mine would be anything purple with maybe a duochrome, or holographic!

  9. Whenever I click on your blog on my reader, it always makes me giggle - the name alone! That is meant to be a compliment, mind you! :-) This polish is really pretty. I love the little bit of purple. Mine would be a dark green with slight blue undertones holo (like Emerald Fitzgerald but holo-fied!)

  10. This.is.gorgeous! I'm going to need to own this one!

    My custom polish would either be a red similar to this one or a dark vampy purple cream with turquoise microglitter to make it slightly different than what you would expect. I always have to be slightly different than everyone else!

  11. Thank you for the comments everyone. It sounds like you all have some amazing ideas for custom polish.

    @Fab- I do have a green/blue/purple duo coming out soon :)

  12. If I could have my own polish colour... probably a dupe of Bonne Belle's Nail Gear in Scandal (navy blue with blue and silver sparkles). lol! Not original, but I love that colour and it's long discontinued. Can't find anything quite like it.


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