Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Glittering Elements- Candy Love

Good afternoon!

I wanted to share with you, a polish I recently had the opportunity to try. It comes from Australia, and it's a new brand called Glittering Elements, and the colour is called Candy L♥ve
How cute is that with the little heart in the name?
It's a soft baby pink shimmer, with multiple sizes of satin glitter in pastel shades of pink, blue and green, and some white hexes and bars. It's very soft and pretty.

  I applied three coats, and a top coat here.

You can see the balance of glitter here, which in my opinion is perfect.

I didn't have any issues with the formula and application was good. The glitters spread out nicely, and are not too overpowering. The first coat goes on with a good amount of opaqueness, but you do need two or three coats for even coverage, as is standard with most light pinks, and blues as well.

Unfortunately, I do not have any pricing info or launch dates to tell you, but I am sure she will update her Facebook page with that information.

I don't believe she has launched her line yet, but you can check her out on Facebook HERE

I am a little indie obsessed at the moment, and my indie purchases far exceed my mainstream brand purchases now. What do you find yourself buying most of?
Do you like to try new brands, or do you tend to stick with those you know well?

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!!!

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