Monday, May 27, 2013

The photo that went viral:: Palm tree nail art, and a colourful drink.

Approximately two years ago on June 30th 2011, I made a blog post showing some nail art that I had done on my daughter, who was taking a vacation with some friends to Dominican Republic, for her grade 12 grad trip. You can view my original blog post HERE
While she was there, she took this photo of her nails, while holding a colourful drink.

girly bits nail art and colorful drink

 She posted it on her Tumblr account, and I added it to my blog post, and it immediately went viral. Neither one of us thought to watermark the pictures, until I started seeing it pop up everywhere from Pinterest, to other blogs, tumblr, Facebook and Instagram.
I have since watermarked it.
For the most part, it never really bothered me. I don't really have anything to gain or lose by getting credit for the nail art. Mackenzie of course would love a photo credit. I mean, it's a great photo!! =) In fact, I think for the most part it's the drink that caught peoples eye, not the nail art.
Over the years I gave received numerous emails from people telling me that out photo was being used with out credit, and it felt like there was really no way to rectify it.
It even showed up on Holly Madison's Favourite IG Photo of the Week  FOUND HERE and of course it linked to an Instagram user who was claiming credit. Not a huge big deal, but the exposure would have been nice.

So, I thought I would take the opportunity to share this again, as we roll into summer and think about pool side drinks, and fun summer nail art.

Below is a copy of the original post, with pics and products used.
And of course credit where credit is due. =)
Photo Credit to Mackenzie Heil You will find her  Instagram profile HERE with links to her tumblr account as well.
Nail art credit to Pam at  Girly Bits Cosmetics ( that's me!)

If you have made it this far, and are interested in finding more about Girly Bits Cosmetics

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My daughter wanted me to paint some palm trees on her nails for her vacation to DR, so here is my attempt. I wanted to do a gradient that looked sort of like a sunset. So I started with China Glaze Pool Party at the cuticle area, and just applied it like regular polish but not going all the way to the tip of the nail because I am putting yellow there. After that dried I sponged on a neon orange, and finished in the tips with more sponging with China Glaze Happy go Lucky. I did two coats of the yellow for better coverage.
Then I used a nail art striper to do the Palm trees. Kinda cute right?? I didn't wait long enough for the design to dry, so the top coat dragged a little, even though I really floated it.

This is also before cleanup because, she is impatient, and had somewhere to go

It was her request to have the palm trees face the way they do. My natural instinct would have been to do them the other way, but either is cute.

Thanks for looking
Let me know if you have a request for summer nail art that you would like to see, or what your favourite nail is in the summer.

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  1. Hands down this is the best manicure I have seen in a long time x

    1. Thanks Nicole, that is sweet of you to say. =)
      Looking back, I don't even think the mani is that great, but the pic is sure nice a bright an colourful!!

  2. i love this!!! the drink is cool too, but the mani rocks!

  3. Your daughter is the owner of this photo?? That is so amazing to know after seeing it everywhere over the past two years!


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