Tuesday, September 3, 2013

An important notice about Crunchy Leaves

Awww....Crunchy Leaves. You seem to really be loving this shade right now.

Due to the popularity of this shade we are going to do a special last minute run of it before retiring it for good!

From now until Friday, September 6th at 3pm EDT we will be accepting pre-orders for this On The Way Out Shade.

Thank you so much for your love of this shade. We have had so many inquiries about the availability of this particular lacquer since we announced its upcoming retirement! This will be your last chance to get this gorgeous lacquer! Pam will only be making enough to fill the pre-orders. After that Crunchy Leaves will be heading into retirement.

Special Note: This pour will be in our printed label bottles. All older "crystal" bottles are gone.

Pre-order Crunchy Leaves HERE for $6.00

Swatch courtesy of Pointless Cafe.

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  1. Its gorgeous! I can see why its so popular! :)

  2. I'm in a brown phase right now, and this one hits the spot!


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