Saturday, September 15, 2012

Halloween Collection 2012 and a full restock

I am very excited to announce the Halloween collection will be launched on September 17th in  my store. (click here) along with the three new Calendar Girls.

All previously released shades will be restocked as well. I have a few other shades that will be released sporadically between October and December, but this will be the last full restock in my store until the end of October. All lacquers will continue to be available through-

All of the new releases are $10 ea. and the Halloween Collection will also be available in mini's as a complete set only, at this time for $30


A deep blurple jelly with purple, fuschia, navy blue and black hexes and squares, and sparse micro glitter.


Shown is one coat of Boo-berry over one coat of OPI Road House Blues.

Boo-berry can be built up to an opaque jelly in three coats.


A clear base with off white hexes, squares and shreds, tiny little holo micro bars and opalescent hexes that flash a gorgeous violet, especially when layered over a darker lacquer.

Shown above is one coat of Apparition over a medium purple 
(I must have forgotten to write down which polish I used, sorry)

Shown above is one coat of Apparition over Essie Marshmallow
Due to the opalescence of some of these glitters, they appear yellow in photographs, although they are not yellow at all in real life.

Candy Corn

A clear base, packed with orange, yellow and white matte hexes and squares, and a few white bars.

Shown above is one thick coat of Candy Corn over OPI Honk if you love OPI

Monster Mash

A clear (but very slightly tinted green, for extra creepiness) base packed with green, gold and black hexes, squares and shreds

Shown is one coat of Monster Mash over Avon Olive green

Fright Night

A black jelly base with various sizes and shapes of red glitter.

Shown above is one coat of Fright Night over Wet n Wild black cream.

This collection also offers some fun layering combinations within itself.

Thanks for looking!

♥ See you Monday! ♥

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  1. Your Fall & Halloween collections look amazing!! Can't wait untill the 17th.. I can't decide what to get!!

  2. what a great collection! I love Apparition, Candy Corn, and Fright Night!!!!

  3. Wonderful post dear.
    Join Estée Lauder Giveaway :)

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Apparition and Fright Night are stand outs for me. I love them.

    1. Thank you. Were you able to get one of them? I am looking forward to seeing some swatches.

  6. Very pretty but not worth 10 each or 30 a set!!! I love the colors tho

  7. Hi Pam! I purchased from your store on 9/16, received a tracking number on 9/24, but the Canada post website says it has yet to receive the package. Does this mean it hasn't been mailed yet?

  8. Awesome... I want everything!!! Ahhh!!

  9. I am in LOVE with Boo-Berry and Fright Night!! Apparition is pretty spectacular too! Fabulous creations as always Pam. <3

  10. thanks for this post. This post makes a great point about focusing your efforts.
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  11. they look awesome when layered up :)


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