Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Calendar Girls Part 2 - May to August

Calendar Girls Collection
by Girly Bits

The first part of the Calendar Girls Collection was released in February 2012, with the first four shades in the year long series. The concept is, that the full collection will have a colour that represents each month of the year. It will be released in 3 sets, with the third set available in August/September, completing the collection. July has three colours- one representing Canada Day ( July 1st), one representing Independence Day ( July 4th), and one representing Bastille Day (July 14th)

I have moved my sales over to Big Cartel, and I think this will make for easier ordering and processing.
I have posted the new shades in the store for preview, and I plan on restocking tomorrow, Wednesday May 02 at 12:00 noon EST.
Tomorrow will  be a relatively small restock, to test out the new ordering system. I will have another small re-stock on Saturday, May 5th in the evening to accommodate other time zones as well.

I am sure some of you are aware of the lack of base right now. Once that issue is resolved, I should be able to restock on a more regular basis, in larger numbers.

You can check out the new store HERE.

I have yet to add shipping, as I am still working on that, but the rates will be similar to previous sales, except it will be more of a flat rate based on destination.

Here are a few shots of the newest colours, but please head over to the new store to check out the entire collection, as well as some new products- Glitter, spectraflair, and coming soon- a franken starter kit.

 May-Calendar Girls
Mother May I?!

A medium purple base with aqua squares, red squares, blue, turquoise, pink, purple, opal,
 and aqua hexes in various sizes.
A bouquet of colours.

June-Calendar Girls
Daddy's Little Girl

Multiple sizes of sapphire blue, sky blue, purple, and fuchsia in a tinted cobalt blue base.  

 July Calendar Girls Mini Collection-49th Parellel.
Star Spangled, Vive la Revolution! and Canadian Eh?
Vive la Revolution is a Limited Edition shade.

 July- Calendar Girls
Canadian Eh?

Canadian Eh? contains small and medium white hexes, small and medium red hexes, and red squares in a sparkling clear base. Shown here layered over China Glaze Phat Santa.
It is  one of three, in a mini collection called 49th Parallel, for July Calendar Girls. 

 Canadian Eh? over Star Spangled

 July-Calendar Girls
Star Spangled

Star Spangled is a blue jelly, loaded with red and blue glitter, and red bar glitter. It sparkles like fireworks, and is one of three, in a mini collection called 49th Parallel, for July Calendar Girls.

 August- Calendar Girls
Wet Bikini

Aqua and blue squares and hexes, and tiny opalescent  hexes in a clear base.

 Hocus Pocus is a holo top coat that can be layered over any colour, to give it a magical holo effect.
The nail wheel here shows it layered over various base coats.

Thank you for looking!

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  1. Canadian Eh? over Star Spangled looks fabulous!! :)

  2. This collection is hands down one of the best collections I've ever seen. I must own every one of them! THANK YOU!!!

  3. I'm excited beyond excited for you and hope I can snag one tomorrow as May is my birthday month (yep month a blogger declared a birthday should be a month long and I'm okay with that)! So happy for you Pam and your polishes are amazing from the bottle to the formula. If your on the fence jump because they are beautiful. When I ordered the Purple Potion because that's my favorite color. In my excitment of actually getting them I tossed in Promise Me, and a few others. Now I'm not a pink girl but I couldn't not put promise me in there. I kept thinking not a pink girl, and how many pink glitters can there be. Well I have had to admit over and over how wrong I was. Not only am I not a pink girl but I wouldn't part with my Promise Me for anything. It is my favorite and the pictures and swatches are beautiful but truly do not capture all the color and sparkle. Do your self a favor and get Promise Me with your others you will not be sorry. I'm so happy for all your success Pam and look forward to getting a few new ones fingers crossed soon.

  4. Hehe I love the pun in layering Canadian Eh? OVER Star Spangled. Geographically speaking. :)

  5. Will you have minis available? Thank you!

    1. Hippity Hop, Magically Delicious, Wet Bikini, Canadian Eh? and Vive la Revolution! will not be available in mini's at this time. I may add them in the future.

  6. I am in LOVE with Canadian Eh? I need to own it, for the name alone haha

  7. Daddy's Little Girl is gorgeous!!

  8. Hi! I ordered some glitter off your Big Cartel shop and while my paypal payment went through, I haven't heard anything re: shipment, or gotten a confirmation email or anything. Just wondering what's up. Thanks!

    1. Hello Allison,
      I will check my records and email you. If I recall correctly, your order has been shipped.
      Thank you!

    2. Thanks so much! Though I haven't gotten any emails from you (I even checked my spam folder).

  9. I want Hocus Pocus soooo much! What a great idea :) also I keep checking the site as I want to get my paws on the frankening starter kit :)

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