Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Guest Post Series, with Mucking Fusser!

 Good evening night owls!!
I am very excited to announce the start of a guest post series, and even more excited to kick it off with one of my favourite Instagrammers Mucking Fusser. I have long admired her swatches, and especially her water marbling skills.
Corynn also has a blog, and a Facebook page, so be sure and check those out!! ( links below in her post) Thank you SO much Corynn, for being my first guest post in the series.

Ok, enough rambling. On with the GOOD stuff!!
(I am  just overly excited!)

Well hey there lovely people! I am so ECSTATIC to be a guest for Pam's awesome site! I jumped for joy when she asked me to share some of my work with you guys! If you are new to the world of Mucking Fusser or haven't heard about me before then you should know I love love love to water marble! It really is my favorite type of nail art. Always so abstract looking and you usually can never go wrong with it! So for this special post I decided to do a sort of "Then & Now" on one of my older water marble designs, one of my favorite at that. And here it is! The spiral design! One that I have only tried out a few times but when I do it I absolutely love it each time. When I did this water marble for the first time I used Sally Hansen's Blue me Away and Black Out on my left hand and then a combo of White On and Black Out on my right hand. Nowadays I usually just do a full marble on my left hand. I mean gimme a break it takes a while to make each individual design. As you can see not only did my water marbling but also my picture taking skills enhance since I first did this design 28 weeks or 7 months ago.


 Here it is in all its glory. Pretty psychedelic if I do say so myself. I again used Sally Hansen's White On and Black Out for my spiral design this time around. I tend to always find success with the creams from this Sally Hansen Brand (hard as nails xtreme wear). Check out the tutorial for this design below if you'd like to try it out for yourself!


I also have another special little blurb to share with you guys. When I did this manicure I ended up leaving to visit my Mom in North Carolina so I wasn't going to be doing my nails again for awhile. I recently acquired a new top coat called Glossy Glam made by Ricarda of Justricarda so I knew this was a perfect time to test it out and see it work its magic. Let me just tell you guys you need this top coat! Throw away your Seche Vites! Perfect coverage, no shrinkage, good dry time and look at the tip wear after SEVEN DAYS! That's right seven whole days, it's almost unbelievable! It truly is one glossy galmtastic top coat. She doesn't have any in stock at the time but if you follow her on Instagram @justricarda then you should know when she will have them restocked. Trust me it will be worth it. I just got this topcoat a few weeks ago and I am already done with a 1/3 of the bottle!

And here is a quick tutorial on this spiral design so you can be all psychedelic on your own!


You will need: bathroom size plastic cup with room temperature filtered water, an orange stick or toothpicks, masking tape, and some qtips and a cleanup brush with polish remover on hand. Prep: Begin by tearing up the needed amount of tape. I use two pieces on each finger. A smaller one wrapped around it near the base of my cuticle and then a longer one wrapped around the whole nail. Next paint your nails a base coat of white and let that dry. 1) Drop drips of polish into the cup letting each drip dissipate, creating the desired standard bullseye 2) Now with your stick drag from the middle out anchoring the polish onto the sides of the cup. Wipe off your stick after every drag to aid in a cleaner design. 3) Next drag from the middle again out to the edge of the cup (as shown in the photo) 4) Do this again on the opposite side of the cup 5) Repeat steps 3 and 4 on the bottom part of the design 6) Now instead of dragging out you are going to drag in from the outside of the cup, as shown. 7) Do this again from the opposite side so that your design will stay nice and even. 8) Once again drag from the outside to the middle of the cup. 9) On your last stroke bring the polish into the middle of the design and very gently dip your stick into the center grabbing up any excess polish. Don't dip it too much or else you will have a blank spot with no polish in the middle. 10) You should now have a nice looking six pointed star design. You could even stop here if you'd like to of course that is if you didn't want the spiral design. 11) To create the spiral design place your stick on somewhere on the outer part of the design 12) Now begin to slowly drag your stick in a circular motion, not staying to close to the previous swirl. 13) Delicately keep moving the stick around the polish. These last steps can really make or break this design. You don't want the polish to dry to fast and you don't want the polish to break away from the design which could create a clear space in the water. 14) At the end of your spiral, gently dip your stick into the middle to clean up the of the design and make it nice and tight. 15) Now with your taped up nail plan out your placement. Don't rush you have your design! When you find the right placement dip your nail onto the design and leave it in the water. When dipping your nail kind of go with the polish, you'll see when you try it out. Before you take your finger out of the water, clean up the top of the water and rid it of excess polish. I do this by picking it up with another orange stick. 16) Slowly take out your nail from the water, carefully remove the tape and clean up your nail with qtips and a cleanup brush dipped in polish remover. Let it dry for 20 minutes or so then apply top coat! Notes: This is for sure more of an intricate water marbling design but I tend to always find success with it. I usually have to redo a nail or two here or there with other designs but when I do a spiral I am always home free. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on Instagram @mucking_fusser, Facebook, or on my Blog! Thanks again Pam for letting me share some of my work on your site! <3

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  1. Wow the design is sort of mesmerizing, it makes me dizzy 8_8

  2. I'm so happy to see a tutorial from Mucking Fusser, I think I speak for us all when I say she is the water marbling queen!!! All my water marbles have been fails, I can't wait to try again using her tutorial :)

    1. She sure has that skill down! I have done a few, but none as gorgeous as Corynn's! I hope the tutorial helps you!

  3. That is THE coolest water marble I have ever seen!

  4. It is just wow.I will love to make this design on my nails.
    body paint


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