Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lynnderella Connect the Dots over OPI Shorts Story

A mere few months ago, I was a Lynnderella virgin. I am now a die hard fan. Every polish she comes out with is seriously gorgeous, and usually even more gorgeous in real life than in the (millions of) swatches you will find on line. The complexity of each polish, while it may seem random, is actually very well thought out, and in my opinion shows Lynn's deep understanding of the use of colour.

We seem to be in a glitter trend at the moment, and I will admit, I was never a huge fan of glitter until fairly recently. I always loved it on everyone else, but was often not thrilled with it on myself. Part of the reason may have been the pain in the rumpus removal. If you find yourself struggling with removal, you must give the foil method a try. I promise you, you will look at glitters through different eyes. You can find my information on glitter removal with the foil method by clicking here. Trust me, you will thank me =)
Part of the beauty of glitter, other than the obvious, is that most can be worn over lots of different colours, for different effects.
Another favourite use of mine for glitters, is making a jelly sandwich. I particularly like this because it gives you a less in your face glitter. If you are not familiar with a jelly sandwich, it uses a glitter and a jelly polish -which is a rather sheer creme, with a deep sort of translucent finish to it. Similar to Jello. It has colour, but is sort of see though, and looks deep and sort of squishy. You  want to layer the glitter in between two layers of the jelly polish. Hence the name Jelly Sandwich.  Start with your favourite base coat, treatment or ridge filler, then the idea is to lay down a base coat of the jelly polish (which for the record, is not actually labeled as a 'jelly', but rather identified as a jelly finish by lacquer enthusiasts. Good examples are the pinks and oranges from the OPI Texas collection) On top of your first coat of polish, you add a coat of a glitter. I find the chunkier glitters work the best, and especially silver ones. After that has dried for a few minutes, you add another coat of the jelly polish, which is sheer enough that you can see the glitter through it, but because the polish is sheer, it gives the effect of the glitter swimming in a pool of colour, rather than being right on top and in your face. Click here to see a good example of a jelly sandwich on Noelie's Nails.
Of course you want to use a nice shiny top coat for even more jelly squishy goodness. 

Back to the original post topic- Lynnderella Connect the Dots. This is the most unique colour in her collections, in my opinion. There is nothing else like it on the market. It's not your typical blingy sparkly glitter, but rather simply black and white, in a sparkling base. It looks best over creams, and almost gives the illusion of nail art. If you are a Lynnderella virgin, and are contemplating getting some but aren't sure which to get- I would highly recommend Connect the Dots. It's an easy application, and easy removal. And always stunning.

This time, I layered it over pink- OPI Shorts Story, which is one of my favourite pink cremes.

I will admit, that when I first saw Connect the Dots a few years ago, I did not see the appeal. I bought it, and NOW I get it. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that this is one of the few, that I think actually look better to the eye, at a normal distance rather than a macro shot.  The macro shots of most Lynnderellas are mesmerizing, and while I appreciate this one as well, I like the look in real life, better than pictures. Just get it. You won't regret it.

And the obligatory bottle shot.

Lynnderellas are now available exclusively on Llarowe

I do want to add, that while Lynnderella sales on Llarowe may be run in short spurts, to allow for timely shipping, there is no need to panic. She will be very well stocked with them, and if you miss out on one sale, there will be other opportunities to buy. I can assure you that Leah Ann is the most dedicated person I know, and she is doing everything in her power to please everyone. Good things come to those who wait, I promise.

Thanks for looking!
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  1. Every time I see "Connect The Dots" I fall in love little more. This is going on my birthday wishlist, hopefully 5 months is enough time to get it. ;)

    I love it layered over Shorts Story, I wouldn't think to layer it over pink. Fun!

  2. I love connect the dots! it looks great over everything. i need to pick it up!

    1. your swatches are GORGEOUS!! I love Shorts Story! I didn't know it was that pretty. I want it now :D
      and of course, CTD is amazing!!

  3. I have never noticed Shorts Story before. I am not big into pig but I really like this one on you. I also didn't know Connect the Dots had a sparkling base. CtD is THE Lynnderella I have been lemming since I first heard of Lynnderella. Soon it will be mine.

    1. Oddly, I am not usually a huge fan of pink either, but Shorts Story is love. I think I should get a backup of it actually. You will love CtD.

  4. Leah is awesome!!

    Connect the Dots is one that grew on me--every swatch I saw, I liked more and more. So it's on my wish list!

    I am still such a newbie, I really can't tell much of a difference between jellies and creams. That looks like a cream to me *sigh*. lol

    1. I was not completely sold on CtD until I wore it, then WOW. And yes, Shorts Story is a cream. I got side tracked in my post, and talked about a jelly sandwich. I do not have a picture of a jelly sandwich, so I linked to Noelie's blog where she shows a pic of one. Sorry for the confusion. I will post a jelly soon, with more detail.

  5. Shorts Story is such a pretty pink - why don't I have this?? As for Connect the Dots, this one is on its way to me, and I'm so glad I got a chance to order it. Great post Pam - you and I seem to be on the same page when it comes to glitter. Jelly sandwiches are definitely the way to go with the chunkier, in-your-face glitters.

    Your nails are gorgeous and the perfect length and shape!!

    Oh and The Crafty Angel, Shorts Story IS a cream, so you have a good eye!!

  6. This looks fantastic! I'm actually wearing CtD right now, my first-ever Lynnderella mani. You're right, it's completely unique, and I absolutely love it!

  7. Why must Connect the Dots be out of stock....grrrr!

  8. I fell in love with CTD the first time I saw it. I finally got it in my super haul from Llarowe. Your pics are great because they show the subtle shimmer. I've seen a lot of swatches on CTD and very few manage to show the secret shimmer! NIce!

  9. I cannot wait until this one is back in stock! However with all the mess poor Leah Anne is having over greedy customers, I feel I want to just hold back and wait my tern. This has been just nuts from reading the post updates from Leah Anne on what she has been through trying to get ready and be fair on the release of restock on this brand.

  10. Hey Pam, I posted about you today :)

  11. I love, love, love this!!! Great combo!

  12. I LOVE this polish!! I wanna get my hands on some! haha


  13. that pink is soooo pretty!!! then you added the connect the dots and WOW!!!
    I totally love your blog and MUST follow you!!!

  14. Such a cute, fun and girly look!! I'm in love with both the pink nail polish and glitter :) I'm getting so many nail ideas from your blog thank you :)


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